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Got a question for an atheist? Fire away, and we’ll get back to you with our answers!

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  1. WOW. Just WOW. says:

    Hello. Atheist din ako pero, like most of us, born into a family of Christians so yung nasa birth certificate ko indicates that I’m a Christian. Ano ang marerecommend niyong dapat kong gawin para ma remove ang religion ko? And ultimately, would that be a good thing in general? I mean, we know for a fact kung gaano ka discriminatory ang religion…so…yeah. I guess timbang timbanging ko na lang ng pros and cons.

    • Luzung Kim L. says:

      There is no proper solution for this 1st, because our constitution technically doesn’t support or rather there is proper due process first in changing your religion based on your document. much more if you would indicate there that you have no religion. PATAS will look forward to this issue in the future thank you for your concern

  2. superadmin says:

    Being an atheist is a matter of self-conclusion and personal experience. Once you know to yourself that you lack a belief in a Supreme Being and you find it unnecessary to acknowledge something that is only presumed by our ancestors during the time na hindi pa nagdedevelop ang science and technology – then all bets are off, you are an atheist.
    Concerning sa certificates, you may not put to record sa resume mo or saan mang documents that you are a Christian. Or you may try yung ginawa ng ibang members na talagang linagay sa mga resumes nila that they are atheists, pero that requires responsibility and commitment because of the static situation of our society.
    Living as an atheist is a matter of choice, responsibility and individualism, so you really have to be aware of the pros and cons.

  3. Weldrin says:

    hi… isa akong atheist since college days sa UP. now, may teaching position na inalok sa akin sa isang catholic university… una ayoko kasi i will be sharing my talents to the institution who continuously discriminate a lot of minority groups, second, baka maging issue lang ang atheism ko, (dont ask dont tell may apply siguro) but.. help me, what are the policies ba about athiests teaching in ROMANCATs school? eh di ba muslim students and koreans open naman sila? just an example.

  4. superadmin says:

    There is no one atheist policy concerning working with religious institutions. Its just a matter or personal intentions why you work there. As atheists we value our rights of choice; if it feels like we don’t want to work there its up to us. But there are some atheists that study in Catholic schools because its the best school they see when it comes to academic standards minus the religious involvement.

  5. Marissa Langseth Marissa Langseth says:

    Howdy fellow heathens,
    I love you all!
    ms M

  6. joseascomia says:

    do you have chapter or programs here in batangas?

  7. Mickey Browalski says:

    Hello fellow free thinkers,

    I’m Mickey and I’m 26 years of age. For a while now I have been searching for atheist society in the Philippines and I’m delightful to have found PATAS. I have been an atheist since I was 14 years of age but I never took or appreciated it fully until I was about 18 years old. Are we still in full function here? What are the activities and how broad are we already in the country? I am from bicol and I like to be involved in charities, my main focus at the moment are unpriviledged children. Do we reach as far as provinces outside Metro Manila to educate people and especially the younger generations about atheism? Thank you and looking forward to getting to know most if not all of you.

    • Stephanie Grace Rendal says:

      hi mickey. first of all, sorry for the delayed response. i keep expected other people to answer you. maybe they already have? anyway, just in case not, yeah we are in “full function” i guess and there have already been several activities organized by PATAS.

      well, you can check them out here:

    • Hello Mickey PATAS is now trying to make its presence felt in different parts of the country. We have chapters in NCR, Cebu, Ilo-ilo and Davao already.
      Most of these chapters have their activities and monthly meet-ups planned.
      If you have a Facebook account I encourage you to join our group
      You will meet more Atheists like you and be alerted with the latest happenings within the group.
      You will also be directed to the PATAS chapter nearest you.

      Thank you and welcome to the club!

  8. DoAtheistsAgree says:

    with divorce and abortion?

  9. Hi, ako ay isang Graphic Artist/IT Specialist. I meet these professions, not on public schools, universities or any other existing institutions but through personal study, developing actual skills, trainings and experiences. A former member of IBSA and Public Speaker/Minister, through research, personal study as a broadminded freethinker person I realized and discovered the fact that I am an Atheist. So far, I am independently bring my principle as humanist, pro-peace lover and acknowledge the standard of moral values alone. I want to make a public campaign regarding my discovery but I afraid the feedback and consequences of this religious influenced country! Thanks for vital information for life! From Digos City

    • TabulaRazzah says:

      Actually, Mr. Tamayo, there’s nothing to fear about regarding this campaign that you aspire to execute. Basta you are convinced of the contents of your program, and you predict its effects upon people then you will receive good feedback on what you do.
      I advise you to read the Amsterdam Declaration of 2002 as your guide to teach the basic principles of secular humanism to the public. They are very informative to those who believe that religious interference is not necessary for human social ethics.
      In most life coaching programs, the presence of the supernatural is not necessitated. When I attended one, mas naging malawak yung reflection ko about secular humanism. It’s good to see that you are a public speaker; malamang you already delivered speeches to clients about the power of their human potentials. This message is very compatible with secular humanism.
      As we deliver these words to people, nagiging self-confident sila and they see the life of quality they have. This in turn will give us the reflection that a Supreme Being is not necessary for a better life.
      Yes, religion gave hope to the poor masses, but did it gave them the information they need, as well as the means to see reality and resolve their future with facts presented? As a speaker this is your role to people. The give them the opportunity to see the world, and see to it na they can be good without God pala. hehe


  10. Yieldstress says:

    I cannot say that there is no god but certainly there are no evidence whatsoever to point that there is one.

  11. Alejandro C. Patagnan says:

    To have religion means to have a belief in supernatural being called God. It’s a belief. Believing is so different from thinking and reason as the means of know or acquiring knowledge. Anybody can believe whatever he wants to believe whether true or false, The question is what act do you perform when you believe? Nothing else but just a form of feeling or emotion. While thinking (a process of knowing) is different. You have to expend an effort, mental effort by choice. Thinking is volitional. You can do it or not by choice. If you don’t do it then perhaps you resort to the result of the thinking of others.

    • I Come in Peace says:

      “Anybody can believe whatever he wants to believe whether true or false” So you are like saying, it is okay to believe that the Earth is flat, to believe that the world was created in 6 days, to believe that man came from dust and woman was created from the ribs of a man, and to believe that the evidence for these stories can be found in a religious book.

  12. Dwight says:

    Hi there, I was an Atheist before… I just wanna know your stand about the beginning of everything…? Where did everything came from? I know that these questions stood up a long time ago but Im still very much curious for your stand about is, thanks in advance…

    • simoun says:

      If you ask any one physicist in the world there answer would most certainly be “we don’t know yet”. Although when you search more on these questions you will begin to see that rather a huge chunk of the scientific community already assume that the best explanation for the beginning of the universe came about by the causality of vibrating bubbles. Michio Kaku, one of the most notable theoretical physicists suggest that before the big bang there was nothing, and nothing was unstable, and because nothing was unstable the laws of the universe permitted forces to stabilize hence the void of forces started to vibrate rapidly causing the Big Bang. However, this explanation is the simplest one I can give. If you want a better answer then maybe you can read up on String theory and the unified field theory. By the way, although these theories have yet to be proven because no possible tests can be created at this time most scientists concerned with the matter are rather expecting this theory to somewhat give light to the problem of where did everything come from.


  13. Pano po ba ako magiging official member ng Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society (PATAS) Official Group?

    Nakasali na po ako sa facebook group page
    ( ) ninyo pero, hindi po ako sigurado kung official member na po ako. Kung ito’y hindi pa sapat para matawag na official member ng org na ito, ano pa ba ang mga kailangang gawin para maging official? (eg: requirements, whatever, etc.)

    Thanks! :)

  14. flarex8 says:

    I am a member of Iglesia ni Cristo and I am an Atheist. Frankly, I abhor that religion and it is a pain attending the church services twice a week. I am disillusioned with it but i can’t do anything because my parents pay for my study in college. What should I do? I need moral support from fellow Atheists.

    • simoun says:

      for starters you should not do anything to provoke discrimination and anger from your family. Being an atheist means we are one to understand that change is a difficult process, one that has steps along a pathway. I would encourage you to still keep on going to church as your family tells you and take that time to truly understand the religion you have been born into. Take this time to make notes on evidences you can see that your religion is portraying that shows clearly inconsistencies in they’re doctrines etc. In that way you are actually honing your skills in argumentation/debate. If you are not into debating then simply hang on there until you finish college. I tell you being a working student to pay for college is a total drag and sometimes you may not be able to pay tuition which leaves you a couple more years of frustration. When the time comes you think that you can stand on your own then you may probably start to sow the seeds of doubt on your parents minds and eventually they will realize what you believe may be different from there’s and it’s not as bad as they thought because then you would have become a successful person in life despite them believing you will crash and burn in hell of your an atheist.

      Cheers my friend and I hope you do the best thing. ^_^

  15. rj oczon says:

    I’m glad to found that there is a agnostic association here in phil. Gusto kong sumali dito… I’m a weak agnostic for some time now… matutuwa ang mga tropa kong agnos pag nalaman toh

  16. Just an Alternate Opinion says:

    Hello, I’m a philosophy hobbyist. I’m not an atheist nor an agnostic, and I am not considering becoming one in the future, but I checked out this website on the prompting of an atheist friend, and to be honest, it’s quite interesting.

    I just wanted to find out what exactly is your basis for the eradication of the philosophical ‘God’ (not the Christian or Islamic God, but a sentient, non-corporeal Being that established the existence of the universe and the ‘beginning of time’). I can understand the Agnostic skepticism of such a Being, and the impossibility of truly ‘knowing’ (epistemological postmodernism), but I’m still a little bit shaky on the Atheistic evidences and empirical proofs that such a Being’s existence is beyond the realm of possibility or probability.

    My personal thanks in advance, and I hope to get your feedback on this, so as to satiate my personal curiosity.

    • Emil Book says:

      Strong atheism implies that the Judeo-Christian God’s existence is illogical and irrational thus its existence is impossible by logic.

      The statement “God does not exist” is falsifiable, hence it is logical to say that “God does not exist” by empirically observing what is “non-existence of God” is defined.

      Existence and non-existence should be mutually exclusive where the ‘existence’ is relative to the observer’s time-space frame.

      The statement “God do exist” is unfalsifiable, hence it is illogical to say that “God do exist” when existence of It has not been observed.

      • Emil Book says:

        “…but a sentient, non-corporeal Being that established the existence of…”

        My reaction:
        Rephrasing your words: “Established by that Being” is unfalsifiable. Thus I can easily suggest also that the “universe is established by a nothingness” where it is also both unfalsifiable.

        We end up with two conflicting claims that are both logical but conflicting. Hence, it’s logical but irrational.

  17. Cristy says:

    I was sent to this website by a friend. I just love to point out how you mis-represent other religions to promote your own. Everytime I read an article on an athiest website I come across sentences that use the language of other religions, but you use it incorrectly to stir confusion. I’d just like to point out that you failed to confuse me. I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.

    • Romel says:

      To become an atheist is no need to have faith. Faith is sub definition of belief….. a term usually used in religion. Belief need to be encouraged or discouraged from others to make it more stronger or more weaker. Just always realized the fact about presents and future reality and compare it to history. Religious business is rapidly rampant and there’s a clear evidence that all of them are the same… money laundry strategy!

    • Norm says:

      Cristy, give an example how atheists misrepresent other religions so we can respond accordingly. You don’t need faith not to believe in anything, like you don’t need faith not to believe in fairies. Your statement betrays your ignorance of atheism.

    • Poldo says:

      The universe doesn’t care what you believe, the wonderful thing about science is it doesn’t ask for your faith. It just asks for your eyes.

  18. sherlyn galang says:

    Ang atheist po ba mga freemason?

  19. says:

    Where can i find your office here in Davao City?…

  20. ping angob says:

    sa mga kinaukolan …
    masaya ako at nakita ko itong PATAS. NOONG bata pa ako nabinyagan ako ng roman catholic …ng maging nag kaisip na ako marami akong tanong about religion at sa bandang huli nawalan na din ako ng paniwala sa anumang religion dahil dito 33 years na akong masama sa tingin ng pamilya at mga kamag anakan ko at sa mga nakakilala sa akin. tingin nilay hopeless at desperado ang mga taong walang paniwala sa mga guni-guni na tulad ng relihiyon.ang punto ko lamang at least now naging matatag ako ng makitang may naging ganitong kamulatan na din sa ating bansa(isa akong ofw). sana makasalamuha ko ang PATAS sa mga susunod na panahon.

  21. Erick says:

    When is the next big meeting? Do you guys even meet? I would love to be there. I’ll bring the potato salad.

  22. JohnP says:

    Do you sell books on Atheism? Hirap kasi maghanap sa mga bookstores dito satin. I have many ebooks on this topic but I want a real book so I can carry it wherever I am.
    Hope you can help me. Thanks.

  23. Franz says:

    Hi there! I recently left my church and Christianity and became a deist. I share you know, same aspects of your uhm, beliefs such as freedom from religion, rejection of the supernatural and disapproval of evangelism and reliance on human reasoning. Am I welcome in this site? :)

    • Anonymous Deist says:

      I am also a deist and I also left my church. Im still a member and go to mass on Sunday but on the inside Im not. I am also skeptical of religion in general and I’m also not sure how to tell my friends and family. I mean there’s advice on the internet but there’ s no one right answer unfortunately. :(

      It depends on the situation and the question is how and when.

      I think instead of promoting skepticism of religion PATAS should just concentrate on giving support to people who left their faith and might get abused by family and friends. ( I mean its ok to tell others you have a different point of view. I just think that this is a very serious problem in our society.) You should post articles on how some Filipino atheists/agnostics/deists/etc. left the church and how they handled it.

  24. niwrad says:

    Yes! hindi lang pala ako nag iisa dito! haha

  25. Norm says:

    Welcome! Hindi ka nag-iisa. Maraming atheist na Pinoy ay halos isumpa ng kanilang mga kamaganak, dahil wala silang kinagisnan kundi ang pananampalataya. Hindi naman nila alam na wala isa mang evidence. Be yourself and be proud!

  26. dont_know says:

    Hi – it’s good to know that there exist a group like this..
    I’m a baptized catholic but as early as I was in grade school I always ask myself “does God really exist?.. maybe, maybe not.. don’t know”.. and I am against the roman catholic and other religions asking for payment for religious services..

    As a kid I have this theory that ” to put order or to resolve chaos/misunderstanding among people, someone came up with the idea of conceptualizing a “one supreme being”.. a supreme being to rule them all”.. it’s like saying having a leader that everybody has to rely, look into, follow.. you know what I mean..
    but… I can’t say I am strong atheist.. I may fall in the category of skeptics or agnostics theist.. I don’t know.. all I know is that as long as a person live his life without disrespecting others then it’s fine..

    Now, I tend to read more about free thinkers, atheist, agnostics and the like.. trying to enlighten myself..


  27. kristian says:

    Good day!

    I am a philosophy student in Cebu and I have grown interest in atheism the moment I realize the seriousness and profundity of philosophy.

    When I read about what PATAS is in your “About PATAS” page, I reckon that your advocacy for atheism and agnosticism leans on the importunity for scientific literacy. Thus, you say “We are for pure scientific education, most specifically, sex education and evolution. In these studies we may learn our objective moral values and understand our purpose as we live.”

    Despite the nobility of your intentions, which I share, I fear that too much science is just as dangerous as too much religion. Scientific knowledge carries with it the same dogmatizing tendencies as religion. Such is the case of what was called as “Positivism” in history.

    While it is true that scientific knowledge is among man’s greatest achievements, it does not, however, exhaust the creative spirit of the human person. There are other equally noble disciplines that promote human individuality and creativity; the Liberal Arts, Literature, and Humanities, for example.

    I am telling you this just so you would also find time to emphasize on the more fundamental aspects of atheism, which include, first and foremost, philosophical issues regarding the nature of religion, the sociology and psychology of faith, etc. These issues are far from being scientific but they serve as the vital impetus that move atheism.

  28. Montales, Leo C. says:

    Hi there,
    I joined a religious order in the Catholic Church when I was 17. A year after I was sent to Jamaica to continue my formation and be in the mission field at the same time.
    I stayed in that country for 3 years but finally decided to quit on my vocation when I discovered the madness and evil in the congregation. I left in year 2005. Right now I could say that i’m a complete atheist. I realized it’s gonna be better world if religions do not exist. I wish I could do more to enlighten others. I’m from Albay and I wish to join your your organization. Here’s my number: 09488896790

  29. Antonio says:

    for years i had been an atheist. akala ko ako lang sa buong Pilipinas…lol, until I came upon this site just this morning. I had been posting at the Ex Christian site these past few days. I think i’m the only Filipino there.
    I could not write my surname because it is very Christian. I don’t want to change it.
    I am also a history teacher and so you all know where my atheism came from.
    Glad to know i’m not alone. PATAS is a nice acronym.

  30. Lito says:

    Brother and sisters,

    Atheist in my vocabulary is like a Pagan person who needs to get back to knowing the true meaning of a Loving God. Atheist is also a person who always needs proof of everything around them, something they can see, touch, smell, and more.
    Q:: 13OCT1917, Portugal, 70,0000 people among the crowd were Atheist, Muslims, Non-believers, Christians, who witness the miracle of the dancing Sun that cured the blind, deaf, sick and because it was heavily raining that day that everything wet turned dry including the clothes of all 70,000 people. The day the miracle happen, all None believers converted because they saw and really felt the presence of GOD. I am talking about the “Lady of Fatima” Do you think that 70,000 people will deny this ever happen?
    My only wish is that whoever reads these will truly read what was already proven as TRUE and maybe acknowledge that your denial to the truth will open your heart and soul. Jesus said to the Jewish Priest. Hypocrites. You have ears and sight but closed your heart to the one True Loving God.

  31. RauL says:

    Who’s to say that all 70,000 were not deluded? Just because an event or occurrence cannot be explained doesn’t mean there is a “god” and “he” made it happen. That’s arguing from ignorance! A lack of scientific “proof” (or even an investigation), does not instantly equate to “therefore, it was god’s will!” Jeez!

  32. Mark Flores Mark Flores says:

    Hi Lito!

    Thanks for comments, but i disagree, atheism is simply the lack of belief in god or gods. A Pagan worship a certain deity be it a nature or a stone which atheism does not.

    Atheist is also a person who always needs proof of everything around them, something they can see, touch, smell, and more.
    — Agree but that is not always the case, don’t you agree on that? that we have to first need an evidence before we believe on something?

  33. DM says:

    Atheist are the ones who need love most… They do not feel love thats why they do not believe in God. Their hearts are full of hatred , full of negative thoughts and simply wants to live in a mere complex situation.

    Simplicity to them is not enough because of their broad minds. They believe they can do all by themselves and simply not thanking anyone who gave them life.

    I will pray for this people and soon some of you will become Christians again once God speak to you and He will answer most of your questions. Like what happened to Apostle Paul. He was once a hater/killer of Christians.

    Atheism is simply “Satanism” not Paganism because satanism deceive people not to believe in God.

    • Bluzone says:

      Atheism =/= Satanism.

      I don’t need to thank on something that doesn’t exist in real life.

      God is an IMAGINARY FRIEND for children and grown-ups who are submitted by fear thanks religion.

    • Mike says:


      I’m sorry b

    • Mike says:

      Hi DM,

      I have to disagree.

      Only an Atheist’s love has the potential to be trully unconditional because we are the source of it. Our love does not come from any other source but ourselves. We do not say “We love you but only if you join us”.

      Also, theism is not the simplest path. It is very complicated and contradictory. What is the mechanism for god to have created the universe? Where does god come from? The place where god comes from, where did that come from? it’s an infinite regression that is nothing close to simple. You have a confusion of terms. Instead of “Simplicity”, I think you mean “Lazyness”. After all, isn’t it just lazyness to push aside the most profound questsions with “Hey, god did it. I don’t need to know”?

    • Rholdee says:

      God? Satan?
      On a Christian Point of view, God is only of “Good-ness.”

      On a Pantheists Point of View, God is More than Good and Evil. Your actions, are the manifestation of God’s existence. I am God, you are God, this Universe is God. There is Nothing which is NOT GOD.

      On an Atheistic Point of View, there is NO GOD. You are the one deciding either you make this world a HEAVEN, or HELL.

      Either you believe in one Supreme Being or not, it all boils down to one thing. It is up to you. To do Good or Evil, Man has Free-will.

      I am a PANTHEIST though. I believe in God, not in Christ.

  34. Mark Flores Mark Flores says:

    I dont know if you’re being sarcastic or what., is this the people you think full hatred?

  35. Synth says:

    Hi, well, though i’m not really an atheist, I just wanted to ask for help. This might sound crazy or weird but uhm, im not so sure what my religion is, i’ve read about agnosticism and deism. and personally, i THINK i am agnostic. A friend told me that I may be agnostic but first I didnt really thought much about it since now., Uhm, basically lemme sum what I believe in, in terms of religion. Well, first of all I do believe in a supreme being, a higher being, a god per se, I do believe in the saints, angels ( if this matters ). and the apostles, ALTHOUGH, i dont really find the bible credible in such a way that people should live their lives by it, and I do sometimes question the existence of jesus christ, although, i do believe there is a son of god..So, what do you guys think? I mean, I know in what i believe in, im just curious to what would people classify my belief..Thanks for your time guys.

  36. Phil says:

    Hi Synth! Thanks for dropping some questions into our website. While I refused to be labelled by others based on my profession, belief, race, sxuality, etc., I find the arbitrary play of linguistics interesting. Based on what you have mentioned, I would not classify you as an Agnostic because an Agnostic believes that it is impossible to know the existence of a god. For me, you are a universalist deist. A universalist because you only pick as to what you are going to believe in regardless if it’s coming from this religion or what not. A deist because you believe in a supreme being.

  37. Daryll Laroco says:

    Hey, I was just wondering. Pano sumali sa group? I mean here in PATAS. I’m really looking forward to meet other atheists in this religion-blinded country. If you’re doubting my atheism, you can just check my facebook profile and you be the judge. Thank you. :)

  38. Cesar T. Carino Jr. says:

    Hello guys. I’ve realized my atheism just this year. I’m glad to know who I really am. I felt in myself that I’m a freer person now because I no longer fear eternal punishment in hell. I finally rejected that idea being said in the bible. I have this problem, though. The first person to know about my atheism is my girlfriend. I’m happy because she still accepted me. But It really irritates me every time we go to church. I can no longer absorb what the priest is saying. My other problem is with my parents. I’m old enough to make my decisions but they always insist that I should pray. I want to come out now. Not just with my family, my friends, but to the community I’m living in. Ayoko nang magpretend na naniniwala parin ako. I just want to be who I really am. Matagal na akong naghahanap ng sagot sa mga tanong ko. I am much happier now after this realization. At nagpapasalamat ako kasi ng makita ko ang website na ‘to, nalaman kong hindi ako nag-iisa dito sa Pilipinas.

  39. Dondy says:

    I’m not a member of PATAS. I dont take religion seriously though and I`m a skeptical pessimist most of the time. I want to ask if PATAS wanted its members to strictly follow certain ideologies it advocates.
    I ask in behalf of my interest to join.

  40. Jien says:

    Hi, ano po ang inyong opinyon regarding sa mga places na nag exist daw si Jesus sa Jerusalem? Agnostic po ako at may mga deities din na halos kaparehas ng storya ni Jesus Christ.

    • Mark Flores Mark Flores says:

      there are no scientific evidence about all those claims, if you have please have it paste here.

      if you’re referring about the Zeitgeist movie, its not that accurate as well but it will give some idea that there are other gods before Jesus

  41. Tony Belza says:

    Walang kunkretong ebidensiya riyan. Walang record na siya ay nagexist,walang record kung kailan siya ipinaganak at namatay. Pinagtatalunan pa iyan maging ng mga simbahan.Hindi sila magkasundoBakit si Alexander the Great na nauna sa kaniya ng maraming taon ay may record ng kapanganakan at kamatayan.
    Hindi ba nakakapagtaka kung bakit wala man lang nababangit tungkol sa kaniyang kabataan. At hindi ba malaking kalokohan na wala man lang naging balita o record ng kaniyang mga milagro? Ang isang taong bumubuhay at nakakabuhay ng patay,nakalalakad sa ibabaw ng tubig,nagagawang alak ang tubig,nagpapakain ng libo libo sa kapirasong tinapay,nagpapakalma ng bagyo,hindi ba dapat napakalaking balita ito noon,bakit wala mang nabangit sa history tungkol sa mga iyan.
    Logical at critical thinking lang po.

  42. Rholdee says:

    Hi. I am a Pantheist. Can I join this group? Thanks for the reply.

    • Marissa Langseth Marissa Langseth says:

      absolutely…I practice pantheism at times, but I am really a full fledged militant atheist..Thanks for your interest.

  43. Patrick John Avisado says:

    Is there a way to nullify your baptism from the catholic church? I am a 100% atheist and i don’t want to be considered as a christian anymore…

    • Marissa Langseth Marissa Langseth says:

      Why waste your time nullifying it? It is enough that you have denounced RCC and does not practice their dogma.

  44. Tony Belza says:

    No need to,many Catholics who changed their religions beliefs just embrace their new found faith and get baptized in the new religion,take the case of many Catholics who transferred to INC, Jehovah’s witnesses,Dating Daan,Mormons,etc. What is important is how we carry ourselves and proclaim to the world without fear that we are Atheists. Like most of us I was also baptized in the Catholic faith but I don’t ever remember believing in god. I consider myself an Atheist since birth and very very very proud of it. I am a radical Gnostic Atheist

  45. Marissa Langseth Marissa Langseth says:

    Thank you, Tony..

  46. Ivan says:

    Sana may GenSan Chapter din ang PATAS ahahahaha

  47. James Olaivar says:

    Patulong po sa assignment namin XD hehe

    A. Sino nga ba talaga ang lumikha sa tao? Tayo ba ay nagmula sa unggoy? Tayo ba ay likha ng diyos? Tayo ba ay mula lamang sa alamat? Pangatwiranan ang sagot.

    Please mo Ms. Marissa Langseth :) I’m a 2nd year student pa help po. paki bigay po ang best explanation :) Thanks!!! and Godless XD haha

    • Mark Anthony Monsanto says:

      Hello Mr. James Olaivar – I’m Mark Anthony Monsanto and I would like to answer your assignment while Maam Langseth is not available yet.
      1.) Sino nga ba talaga ang lumikha sa tao? = This kind of question pertains to a person on who created man, okay let’s assume that a god created man but who created god? My answer is to let you revised the question from WHO to HOW.
      How human being came into existence? Instead of who created human being?
      Because if you insist the WHO question you create another more complex question of WHO created god.
      This is HOW human being came into existence :
      2.) Tayo ba ay nagmula sa unggoy? = NOT Monkey(unggoy) dude but Ape.
      These are the difference between Monkey & Apes.
      – Monkeys have tails and apes do not.
      – Monkeys have slanted nasal openings.
      – Apes have rounded nasal openings.
      – Apes generally have bigger brains and larger bodies than monkeys.
      – Monkeys have web foot and apes do not have.
      – Monkeys are smaller in terms of size and apes are bigger

      The distinction has more to do with taxonomy than macroscopic differences, which applies as general guides more than rules (they have been separated on these standards though, at the very beginning):

      3.) Tayo ba ay likha ng diyos? = NO, if it is then which god? Different religion has different creationism perspective.
      According to Hindu creationism all species on earth including humans have “devolved” or come down from a highly state of pure consciousness. Hindu creationists claim that species of plants and animals are material forms adopted by pure consciousness which live an endless cycle of births and rebirths.
      Islamic creationism is the belief that the universe (including humanity) was directly created by God as explained in the Qur’an. It usually views Genesis as a corrupted version of God’s message. The creation myths in the Qur’an are vaguer and allow for a wider range of interpretations similar to those in other Abrahamic religions.
      And lastly Christian relies on the Genesis story of creation.
      The Universe started out very hot and dense. It was not a point, but the part of the Universe that is now the visible universe started out about the size of a proton (very small). But the Universe must have been at least the size of our current Universe when it started. It’s absurdly big now – at least 150,000,000,000 light years across.

      As the Universe expanded, it cooled. The hot dense stuff became everything we experience today. It has taken about 14,000,000,000 years to get to where we are now.
      To fill the gap of “who did it” into ‘god did it” creates another complicated doubt on where he came from and how can he create space and time if he has no manifestation of space and time.
      4.) Tayo ba ay mula lamang sa alamat?
      Myth (alamat) is a made-up story that explains the existence of a natural phenomenon — such as where thunder comes from or why snow falls from the sky. It often includes gods and goddesses and other supernatural characters that have the power to make extraordinary things happen.

      But modern societies like ours don’t have to rely on this story because we have a better understanding of science.

      Before the time of Benjamin Franklin – “Thunder & lightning” is believed to be god’s anger to us but during Benjamin’s experiment of flying his kite it results that Thunder & lightning is a massive electrostatic discharge caused by unbalanced electric charge in the atmosphere.

      We all have to acknowledge that not all phenomenon could be explained by science like what caused the “Big Bang”, but sooner or later scientist should find out this Big Question – and again if you fill the gap by “god did it” has no scientific resolution.

  48. filmor merano jr says:

    i am an atheist since 2001, and i discover about PATAS through my workmate na atheist din. Though im an atheist for more than 10 years i must admit that i am lack of knowledge about atheism, kusa ko lang kasi naramdaman yung ganitong paniniwala and hindi ako nagkakaroon ng kakwentuhan na kagaya ko ang belief. im hoping that i can meet people like me through PATAS na makakaintindi sa paniniwala ko. madalas kasi hindi ko inaamin sa mga tao na atheist ako dahil ayoko mahusgahan.

  49. Marissa Langseth Marissa Langseth says:

    we’ll see? none of my dead patients came think they are all in heaven?

    • Jesus says:

      they cannot come back..their eternally imprisoned for being like’re next!

      • I Come In Peace says:

        Jesus, how nice of you to make non-believers go to hell. Just because they don’t have a belief in a god, you want to make them go to hell? I thought you said these words “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” – Matthew 7:21

        Do you think it is only faith that saves you? John 3:16-17 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

        If faith alone can save you, then it does not really matter whether you do good or evil as long as you believe in a god. Famous people such as Mark Zuckerberg, Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie and other atheists will go to hell despite of their good deeds. Molesting priests, and people who kill in the name of religion will go to heaven even their acts are morally wrong.

        Is it justifiable to punish someone ETERNALLY for committing FINITE crimes? In Math, 5 = 10 is wrong because both side needs to be equal.
        What more if it is 5 = ∞

        • yudzin says:

          Faith alone is not an assurance to Christians to enter the kingdom of god… It is written in the bible… I think I read the verse in the bible but i don’t know the exact book in the bible.. ^_^***

        • Jesus says:

          @I Come In Peace:

          All non-believers will go to eternal damnation. it is written and you can’t do anything about it. open your mind. Everything will happen as foretold.. You will be included!.Sorry.

      • jesusatheist says:

        speak only when you may not remain silent, and speak only of what you have overcome, that is, of something sensible…define your terms cursing jesus..that is, if you have any..salamat tabi.

  50. Laiyza R. says:

    Hey guys, I’m a student working on a research paper about Philippine atheism and agnosticism. I was just wondering if someone from here would be glad to answer some questions.
    Okay, here goes:

    (1) First of all, Philippines is basically a theistic country. The idea of atheism and agnosticism is somewhat foreign to Filipinos and also most of you were probably members of religious groups once. How did you discover atheism and/or agnosticism?
    (2) What made you guys reject your beliefs? What are these factors?
    (3) How do one “become” an atheist/agnostic?
    (4) Are there any significant changes in your lives as you became one? And what are those?
    (5) Let’s face it, there are a lot of stereotypes and whatnot about atheism and agnosticism, have you experienced them? (Could you kindly give an example or something?)
    (6) How do you react with these misconceptions?

    Um, I think that’s about it.
    So, I would really appreciate it if you guys would reply.
    Thank you very much! :]

    • I Come In Peace says:

      1.) Philippines is not a theistic country, it is only a country filled with majority theists. I discovered atheism when I was searching in Google “People who do not believe in a god” and bam! There goes the term “atheism”

      2.) For me, it was skepticism, looking for evidence and trying to reason out beliefs if it agrees with reason and reality. Take prayer as an example. When you pray that you will get a high score in a test, people will tell you to study hard for faith without works is dead, but actually when you got a high score by studying hard, you are actually the one getting that score and no divine intervention was there. Lets just say that it is like a cause and effect, you study hard and understand the lesson ; you get good grades. One factor of rejecting my beliefs is scientific books. If you try to compare the reasoning of the Bible and a science book when explaining rainbows, you will come to notice that the Bible explains rainbow using a story. While a science book explains that it happens when light passes through rain drops and is broken up into counterparts.

      3.) One can become an atheist if he/she does not believe in god/gods.

      4.) Yes, there are significant changes, like doing work rather than praying and hoping. Another would be: not relying on a religious book to tell me what I need to do to become moral.

      5.) I don’t understand the question XD. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please refer to another atheist or agnostic.

      6.) If this question is about misconceptions about atheism, then my reaction is: I kinda feel sad that many people misunderstood atheists and that most of them would discriminate one.

  51. Marie Montallana says:

    I’m a Filipino living in New Zealand. I became an Atheist 4 years ago although I started questioning the existence of God since I was in High School but never really abandoned religion till now. I am so glad that I stopped believing in superstitious nonsense and the tyrannical dogma of the church.
    Initially I thought that Filipino Atheists are non-existent but when I found these websites and Facebook pages I was overwhelmed by the amount of Filipinos who are nonbelievers! I am ever so proud to be a Filipino. There is some progress in the Philippines after all.

  52. Jesus says:

    @jesusatheist,…do you really want to contribute to society?…coz if you do…here’s how you can… can start by shutting your mouth…it”ll make a difference….try it.

    • jesusatheist says:

      I’ve tried it already…you’re lying…it didn’t help a bit either to me or to anybody else close to me…shutting one’s mouth is a virtue only when you can’t argue…get the rhyme?…we are “happy” here…and we only want you to engage in a polite and sound argumentation..find somewhere else to proselytize, if not to insult others’ right to non-religion…

  53. torch says:

    I a member of Iglesia ni Cristo, muntikan na kong naging atheist… buti na lang hindi natuloy :-) salamat mga kahahangang ginawa ng Diyos sa buhay ko na di ko akalaing … yun pala ang sagot:-)

  54. The Believer says:

    If there is God, then God must not exist.

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